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 Contents and Descriptions of vMac Application Site Disk Images
System 6.0.8	ZIP	672 KB
	Description:	System 6.0.8 Software. This should be the first disk
			image you run with vMac, as it contains the necessary
			files required to start a Macintosh.
System 7.0.1	ZIP	1020 KB
	Description:	System 7.0.1 Software.
Applications #1	ZIP	676 KB
	Descriptions:	MacDraw 1.7 - 	Apple's vector drawing program.
			MacPaint -	Apple's raster painting program.
			MacWrite - 	Apple's popular word processing
			 Player 2.1 - 	Plays stacks designed with HyperCard
					2.1 or earlier.
			ResEdit 0.8 -	Apple's Resource Editor.
			Teachtext - 	Basic text editor from System 6.
Applications #2	ZIP	898 KB
	Descriptions:	MNS QB 7.0 -	Microsoft's QuickBasic for Macintosh.
			MS Works -	Microsoft's all purpose editor.
					  - Word Processor
					  - Spreadsheet
					  - Database
					  - Communication (vMac does not
					     support this).
			Globe -		A simple graphics example of a
					spinning globe.
			WriteNow 2.0 -	A common word processor.
Applications #3	ZIP	958 KB
	Descriptions:	Anarcho -	A tiny file editor which will open
					anything; including data and resource
			StuffIt v1.10 -	The first version of the ever popular
					compression utility.
			 Works -	WordPerfect's version of the all
					purpose editor.
					  - Word Processor
					  - Spreadsheet
					  - Database
					  - Communication (vMac does not
					     support this).
	Cool Extensions and their
	 Descriptions:	AltWDEF -	This extension is a must see. It 					changes the appearance of a Mac's
					window into an easier to read one. It
					also allows minimization of windows.
			Critters: Bigfoot - Creates a pair of footprints which
					    circulate around your desktop.
				  Eyeballs - Creates a pair of eyeballs in the
					     menu bar which follow the mouse
			hierDA - 	This extension creates popout menus in
					the the Apple Menu, similar to the
					ones in System 7 and later.
			IconMaster -	This System 6 extension allows the
					user to append any icon to the start
					up disk.
			MICN - 		A cool extension which replaces the
					generic Finder menu bar with
					customizable icons.
			Super Apple -	A neat extension which replaces the
					Apple Menu with an animation of your
			Who's Who -	Tells you all about how your Mac, err,
					vMac is configured.
Games #1	ZIP	970 KB
	Descriptions:	Glider+ 3.1.2 -	A simple game consisting of
					successfully piloting a paper airplane
					through a series of rooms with
			Hobbit -	A text adventure game with a few
			Lode Runner -	The classic Lode Runner game. Get all
					the packages and escape the level
					without getting	caught by the enemy.
			Orion -		Space flight simulator.
			ShadowGate -	A well written role playing text
					adventure game.
			Spacebubbles -	Space Invaders look alike.
			StuntCopter -	Original game requiring the player to
					successfully drop a stunt daredevil
					from a helicopter into a hay wagon.
Games #2	ZIP	954 KB
	Descriptions:	Dark Castle -	One of the best Mac games ever. This
					is a side view game where the player
					leads a young warrior through a castle
					full of strategic puzzles.
					HINT! To play this game, take
					everything out of the System Folder
					except Finder, Multifinder, and
					System, or the game won't work.
			PT-109 -	Another classic Mac best game. The
					player of this game is in control of a
					Patrol Boat for the US Navy and must
					wipe out all enemy vessels. A good
					variety of levels and great gameplay
					make this my all-time favourite.
Games #3	ZIP	787 KB
	Description:	Colony -	A really well made 3D game for the Mac
					Plus. Simply Amazing.
					WARNING: Runs fairly slow in vMac on a
						 Pentium 120.
Games #4	ZIP	601 KB
	Descriptions:	1000 Miles -	A combination of a card game and a
					racing game.
			3DTicTacToe - 	Really cool TicTacToe game on three
			Accordion -	An original card game.
			AMAZING -	A game where the point is to get
					through a randomly generated maze.
			Backgammon -	A computerized version of the classic
					casino game.
			MacMoria 5.4 -	A text adventure game.
Games #5	ZIP	783 KB
	Descriptions:	Banzai -	A war game where you have to angle 					your cannon on the right angle and
					shoot the computer before it shoots
			Blackjack -	A computerized version of the casino
			BMX Racing -	A semi-3D biking scroller.
			Cairo ShootOut-	The kind of game you see at carnivals;
					you get a water gun and try to shoot
					down figurines.
			Cap'n Magneto -	A top-view adventure game.
			ConnectFour -	Computerized verion of the board(?)
			CryptoSolve -	The point of this game is to decrypt
					encrypted messages.
			Crystal Quest -	Get all of the crystals and exit 					without getting hit by one of the bad
			Daleks 2.0 -	Puzzle game where you must run away
					from computerized robots.
			DaleksPLUS -	Another version of the above.
			HumpBack -	A camel-taming game.
			Lunar Phantom -	A land-your-ship-on-the-moon game.
			MacBandit -	A casino-style chance machine.
			MacBugs! -	Kill all the bugs!
			MacFootball -	Computerized football.
			MacLanding -	Run away from the aliens.
Games #6	ZIP	829 KB
	Descriptions:	MacMissiles -	Save the city from attacks by 						destroying your enemy with your
					missile launchers.
			Motor Bike -	A side scroller stunt bike simulator.
			Lunar Rescue -	Awesome game where the moon's defense
					systems go crazy and try to shoot you.
					You must run away from them. Side
					scroller. Fun to control.
			Pararena -	A kind of anti-grav soccer game,
			StratCon -	A strategic planning game.
			TankCommander -	A top view tank game.
			TETRIS -	A classic version of the popular game.
			Zippy -		A strategic thinking game.
Games #7	ZIP	735 KB
	Descriptions:	Enigma -	Similar to a color cube. You must
					align scrambled shaded areas together.
			IAGO -		One of those games which you think you
					know from somewhere yet seem original!
			Jack -		A good puzzle. Quite funny.
			MacSeven -	Card game - Well designed.
			Mystery Box -	A game whose purpose is to properly
					deflect a laser beam to a target.
			Spacestation -	Spacestation Pheta! A fun game where
					you have to get through the station
					on a limited supply of air. Get the
					key and unlock the door before you
			Sitting Duck -	A duck hunt game. Kill the 10 ducks to
					go on to the next level.
			SpaceInvaders -	No explaination needed :).
			Tank Wars 2.0 -	A tank commander game.
			TreksRevisited-	A game very close to WinTrek.
			VV Poker -	Vegas Video Poker; name says it all!
			Wheel -		Nice little wheely game.
			Yahtzee -	Computerized verion of Yhatzee.
			Zork 3 -	Zork!
Games #8	ZIP	638 KB
	Decriptions:	3D Checkers 2 -	A checkers game placed on an angle.
			Billiards -	Pool. Since I didn't entirely
					understand the game, all I can say is
					that the way the balls bounced off the
					edges looks nice.
			Blob -		An EXCELLENT combination of classic
					strategic games, 16 in all. There's
					Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, Tower of Hanoi,
					and many more.
			Canfield 2.0 -	'Canfield Solitaire' is a version of
					the well-known game.
			Checkers -	Your generic Black & White checkers
					game. Has a pretty good Artificial
			LAZlife 2.0u -	A 'Life' simulator. The only thing
					that doesn't make this generic is that
					you get to place the creatures down
					where you want to.
			NotAdventureII- An original text game by David A.
					Zatz. Written in Basic.
			RoboWar 4.0 -	A very original game, where you design
					a robot and attack another robot.
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