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What's on this site?

This site contains the remnants of the famed vMac Applications Site. This site has most of the VAS' applications disk images and all of it's game images.  On Macintroid's website are two disk images available for download, a System 6 disk prepared by Macintroid with the basic contents of the Apps1 image contained here and a System 7.5.5 booter prepared and hosted on E-Maculation.

The Complete vMac Mini

This package is complete and contains everything that you would need to build your vMac on a thumb drive.  

These files are in *.ZIP format. You need a utility such as WinZip, PKZip or Stuffit Expander to open them.  To download the particular utility, click on the icon or the title.





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VAS is an Archive recovery.  The site is largely the same as the original but with links  and information updated.