There are many web sites out there for Mac emulators. These are some of the best sites on the internet for Mac emulation.


  • System 6 Heaven- Lots of old Mac System 6 compatable productivity software, games and programming software


  • vMac- The orginal free GNU Mac emulator, emulating the Mac Plus. Expect some long awaited updates soon!
  • Mini vMac- A version of vMac designed for programmers, because of it's simplicity in code. Runs blazing fast and ultra stable, with beter keyboard emulation than vMac! If you ever have any problems with WordPerfect Works on the Applications #3 disk with vMac, use this instead!
  • Basilisk II- The best free GNU Mac emulator, emulating the Mac IIcx through the Mac Quadra and Performa series. Runs OS 8!
  • Emulators, Inc.- Makers of the crappiest emulators ever. And they sell them! For a lot! But they have freely downloadable Fusion PC 3.0, the best Mac emulator for DOS.
  • MACE- A mac emulation project that will function similarly to the WINE Windows emulator for Linux. It will make 68K Mac apps run in Windows, OS X or X Windows and appear as if it was their target platform! Programmers, feel free to contribute to this project.

Other sites:

  • E-Maculation- I'm sure you all know this one, becauseapparently 60% of you link to this site from there. But for those of you who don't, E-maculation is the homepage of the Mac emulation coummity. Feel free to leave a comment to a news post.
  • The Original VAS- Courtesy of, you can see the original (non-functioning, defunct) VAS as it appeared on May 4, 2000! Be aware, however, many images don't work and the downloads don't work.
VAS is an Archive recovery.  The site is largely the same as the original but with links  and information updated.